UAE Amnesty 2021 finally announced

UAE Amnesty 2021 finally announced

amnesty 2021 in uae

The United Arab Emirates is now set to pardon illegal immigrants and the Official government media WAM has confirmed the information the UAE Amnesty.

Residents who want to regularise their status in UAE can now apply directly for a waiver on the official government website on this link.

“All these decisions are intended to ensure stability and achieve the higher interests of the country. They are within the framework of our policy aimed at tackling the imbalance in the demographic structure and restoring order and discipline to the labour market,” he noted.

He said plans to provide a national number to all UAE citizens and residents would support the drive to maintain social and labour stability.

“We have completed all studies on the national number project. The necessary funds have been approved and it will be enforced soon.”

After doing a follow-up call from the ministry of residency and foreign affairs, it is confirmed that the amnesty date is yet to be published officially.
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