There’s nothing like sibling rivalry – Akothee says as she celebrates daughter for doing this

 Akothee with her daughters Vesha and Rue Baby
Akothee with her daughters Vesha and Rue Baby

Akothee, “Rue Baby you surprised me on your sister’s Big day”

Singer Esther Akoth a.k.a Akothee has stated that the older she gets, the more she has come to realize that there is nothing like sibling rivalry, and that what people call sibling rivalry is just jealousy.

Akothes’ words came as she was celebrating Rue baby’s event for her younger sisters graduation which took place at villa Rosa Kempinski.

Akothee went on to say that she always prays that nothing comes between her daughters, and that if it ever gets to that, they should find a way to sit down and sort whatever it is, without involving outsiders.

Let me take the opportunity to CONGRATULATE The main organizer for Vesha’s graduation, thanks a lot my darling thank you very much for always having your sisters back , at my age I have learnt that there is nothing like sibling rivalry, it’s always pure jealousy that is marinated under sibling rivalry! I always pray to all of you that God carry you along as blood sisters and that nothing comes between you 🙏🏻 always watch your sisters back, and be happy when she is doing well, there is no man or woman that should ever come between you and your siblings 🙏🏻and if it happens kindly sort out without consulting a third party, Nothing can be compared to a blood family,” she said.

The self-declared President of Single Mothers showered her daughter Rue with praises as she listed some of the things she did on her sister’s graduation.

Akoothee’s daughter Rue Baby

🙏🏻 you surprised me on your sisters Big day, from driving her to graduation square and picking her up , making sure all the hotel bookings were done on time, checked in your dad, checked in my parents, checking up on me ” mummy are you okey ,your make up artist will be here in a few and your food is also on the way ,do you want to eat in the room or at the luca restaurant 🙏🏻 I am proud of you daughter, You amazed me and now I know I have a responsible girl that can take care of herself even in my absence 🙏🏻 I LOVE YOU BIG MUMMY THANK YOU VERY MUCH QUEEN,” wrote Akothee.

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