Striking doctors in Kenya Tell CS Mutai Kagwe, not to intimidate them

Kenyan doctors, through their union, have urged the government to take their grievances seriously on the day that they commenced a strike that will see public hospitals across the country paralysed as they down their tools.

In a press conference organised by the Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union (KMPDU) in Kisii County on Monday, the lobby’s officials also told off Health Cabinet Secretary over alleged intimidation. 

“No amount of intimidation and threats will make doctors go back to work. Court orders will not stop doctors from dying or getting infections…There are certain people who are misadvising our president. Stop politicising health issues. Doctors in the country can no longer wait, they cannot continue working in harzadous environment,” KMPDU Secretary-General Chibanzi Mwanchonda said today.

The work boycott, the union said, will continue until the government addresses doctors’ demands.

Doctors across the country commenced their strike at the stroke of midnight, KMPDU said. 

“Doctors across the country have decided not to endanger their lives. It’s no to a suicide mission,” the union boss added

The union also noted that Dr Stephen Mogusu, who died in the frontline in the fight against Covid-19, is the 13th colleague to succumb to the disease.

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