Ruto’s Msambweni candidate win means a loss to the BBI

What does ODM Msambweni loss say about the handshake and the BBI?

Mps affilaited with the Deputy president William Ruto celebrate after their independent candidate Feisal Bader win the much contested Msambweni By election.

A couple of days ago Former prime minister and Odm leader, Raila Odinga as he was campaigning for ODM Candidate Boga said and i quote:

“The by-election is a yardstick to gauge his popularity and that of the Building Bridge Initiative (BBI) in the Coast region. If we fail here as ODM, it means BBI will have a problem,”

Raila said.

A loss for ODM candidate means a loss for Uhuru and former PM Raila Odinga as this was a handshake deal.

Msambweni: ‘Si uchawi, ni maombi!’ Tanga Tanga MPs celebrate Feisal Bader’s win

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