Ruto confuses Raila strategy for 2022 presidency

Deputy president William Ruto has been calling for a consensus to ensure the report is inclusive and as well accommodates the views of everybody leading the country to a win- win scenario. It’s however evident that the DP has for a long time been a thorn in the flesh of the BBI plebiscite.

The deputy president could use consensus to discredit the BBI taskforce reccomendations and have his way. He is a known political heavyweight and he basically is fighting from within to put things into perspective.

William Ruto Tangatanga brigade has also as well been discrediting BBI pushing for it’s changes to accommodate views of the deputy president. William Ruto is just determined to fight from within than as an outsider owing by doing that he will be doing big deservice to his boss something that would heavily complicate his 2022 statehouse bid.

Proponents of BBI should however be careful not to let William Ruto into the BBI bedroom owing he has already just like the story of the camel got his head in. He might later be in the bedroom and send the owner of the house out.

Time however will tell as all indications show a William Ruto determined to be part and parcel of BBI drivers. It’s however not clear whether he might drive the document into the forest or the promised land. If BBI proponents give away the stering, they might find themselves in deep centre of a desert and with a mirage BBI booklet.

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