Raila statement after the court of appeal throw BBI out

Raila statement after the court of appeal throw BBI out

Through his verified Twitter handle, Raila Odinga In a statement admitted that the BBI legal process had come to an end. This is after the Court of Appeal upholding the ruling of the high court.

raila odinga statement

Raila Odinga’s full statement

The decision of the Court of Appeal today is remarkable. It forms part of the continuing conversation on the future of this country. Also,the significance of our new Constitution to the political culture we and the generations that will come after us will practice.

It is likely that this is not the end of the conversation and the parties involved will each make their own decisions. On how to proceed from the decision that has been delivered today. That is welcome as the issues involved need to be deliberated upon to the fullest extent.

For us , as we have stated before, we shall engage only to the extent that circumstances will require. But we feel that we have to move on.

This is not an indication of our regard to this noble initiative. Far from that, we feel that we must now see the forest for the trees, and pursue the bigger goal of setting the rest of the issues facing this country right.

The Building Bridges Initiative was never a destination but a journey in an ever evolving way of life. Without doubt, we shall deal with all the issues in the months and years that will unfold onwards.

Raila Amollo Odinga, ODM Leader

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