Raila and BBI secretariat organized the riots at Githurai

Raila and BBI secretariat organized the riots at Githurai

Raila rally on Wednesday 27th was disrupted by youths chanting pro ruto slogan at Githurai.

From the sources it not clear if it was a pre staged riot by ODM, But a number of claims from Rutos intelligence and private media detective 🕵️‍♂️ have come up with facts that it was a pre staged riot by Raila and BBI secretariat.

Chaos in Githurai as pro-Ruto supporters disrupt Raila’s BBI rally.

The youths threw stones on vehicles including Mr Odinga’s chase cars. But they were so specific on the vehicles they hit. The said youths leader was later seen meeting some senior police officials at a later time.

The windscreen of a vehicle belonging to Nation Media Group was destroyed during the commotion.

Later the youths were dispersed with teargas by police officers. Its believed that ODM leader is trying to seek sympathy BBI vote in the region. Couple of days back nominated senator Isaac Mwaura and leader of Githurai Market had a meeting with the traders. He is accused of inciting the traders to fight for what belongs to them. This statement is being used by ODM as Sifuna said that he will be held accountable for any violence that may erupt during Railas visit in the area.

ODM leader was expected to launch the official opening of the new Modern market which has brought controversy as some traders is alleged that they will be denied space.

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