Kenyas deputy president Ruto, ejected

Kenyas deputy president Ruto, ejected

Bbi launch at Bomas of Kenya

There has been fight and exchange of words between the president and deputy presidents of Kenya in public podiums in the previous months. The duo who rose into the top seats since 2013, have had differences when the president had a ‘handshake’ with the opposition leader in 2018.

The handshake which came up after they had a private talk and signed a secret MoU which they said to public was based on bringing or uniting Kenyans together.

Since that day the deputy president and president ‘love affair’ affair started deteriorating drastically. Today the Jubilee party officials have voted for his removal as the deputy Party leader. Now the deputy presidents fate in the party is on the hands of president. Now the question remains will the president ouster out the deputy whom they formed the party based on their like ideologies?

Political analyst have their views that its not the right time for the parties to table such tasks since the president has major issues to handle.

If he ratifies the move then it means that options for the deputy president being impeached will rise significantly.

Based on the previous utterances by the deputy of a sections of the members trying to remove him from the party now its a reality.

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