Happy Mother’s day 8th March

Happy Mother’s day 8th March

We all know that woman. She is the first to arrive in the office, and the last to leave. She eats lunch while running between meetings. She takes time out of her hectic schedule to ask you or others how your mom is doing. Her dedication inspires and her compassion to helping consoles.

Today on Wednesday I celebrate these women all over the world coz they are amazing people in our lives.

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On Tuesday,8th March, everyone at E- learners enterprise 3 grup reach out to a woman on our team who inspires us and precisely expectant and new mothers, and thank her.

We are immensely proud of the accomplishments and dedication of our female staff. We are also extrememly grateful to our one and Only Dr. Janet Moraa who has made it her business to answer all questions our mothers ask for free, despite her busy schedules in her career.

So in addition to thanking our inspiring women, we will also be thanking the women and also invite the world 🌎 to recognize your efforts at large. We can’t pay you because what you do is out of this world.

You are an amazing woman and rest assured and I call upon our mother’s and fathers also join me in celebrating this amazing Doctor.

As a man and a father who knows what she has done I really humble myself and wish you happiest mothers day because I’m really out of better words to use.

Members we can show some appreciation by chipping in something on her mpesa line I believe group has it and if she accepts I put it here I will do so.

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