First ever celebrity boxing must watch Eric Omondi and khaligraph the OG

First ever celebrity boxing must watch Eric Omondi and khaligraph the OG

Watch the much anticipated boxing match between two long wrangled Kenyan celebrities #Eric_Omondi Vs #KhaligraphJones below. Being one of its kind match neticizens were all over the channel to criticise Omondi for trying to commit suicide.

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The beef between two kenyan celebrities has gone to another level. Khaligraph Jones(Hip hop artist) and Eric Omondi (Top Kenyan comedian) wrangle which has been in existence for one year had to be settled once and for long by a ringed fight.

With Eric Omondi hitting the gym for months nonstop, in preparation to proof khaligraph wrong, hit a hard Rock yesterday when they got to the fight. Eric Omondi who is 40kgs less than Khaligraph Jones aka O.G and the apparent winner was literally known before the start of the match.

The boxing match took place at Kenyatta University’s Amphitheatre to settle a one year beef between the two celebrities. Nevertheless, the much hyped comedian was knocked down by the OG severely and mercilessly and was left with wounds and bloody face.

Eric Omondi did not take the defeat lightly and he accused the ‘tuma kitu’ hitmaker of using foul methods like hitting below the belt and using underhand methods.

The King of comedy has promised to pursue legal action against the referee and Khaligraph Jones. He also vowed to have a re-match soon.

Reason for Eric Omondi’s fight

Eric and Khaligraph have had a longstanding rivalry ever since the OG embarrassed the funny man in front of thousands of Kenyans.

In a candid interview with Massawe Jappani, Eric revealed that OG one day at a concert lifted him up and threw him up and down like a child, which affected Eric’s confidence as a man.

That’s when he vowed to begin his workout journey, which saw him gain a whooping 25 kgs in eight months.

He also promised to take revenge on Khaligraph once the time was right.

The whole fight has been uploaded on YouTube a day after Khaligraph Jones dropped a new banger ‘G like that’.

#Ericomondi Vs #KhaligraphJones OG boxing match

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