Family pays full wedding cost for Ugandan househelp, thanks her for 6 years of service.


What kind of relationship should an employer have With a domestic helper? A relationship founded with mutual trust and understanding will certainly enhance the daily communication with helpers just like that of YouTuber Khalid Al Ameri.

As time goes by, the helpers will also feel comfortable discussing their personal lives and problems and as shared by Khalid on his Facebook page, his helper was comfortable enough to even invite his family to her wedding. According to the YouTuber who is known for his daily videos about life with his Arab wife Salama Mohamed, their helper identified as Sarah who is from Uganda had worked for them for six years. “Sarah has been part of our family for six years and she is now returning to her home country to get married and start a family of her own.

So we decided to give her a couple of surprises before she leaves,” said Khalid. The adorable couple and their two children first started off with surprising Sarah with a goodbye cake while reminiscing the good times they had shared together.

The warm-hearted helper is said to have started working With the family that lives in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) when Khalid’s last born was only 2-years-old and the two had built a special bond. As the family exchanged hugs and showered Sarah with praises, they could not hold back their tears as they let one of their favourite helper who had become part of the family over the years.

“We love you and will miss you so much Sarah, you Will always have a place in our hearts and in our home,” added Khalid. An emotional Sarah could not believe when the couple finally revealed they were going to cater to all her wedding expenses and that she did not have to touch any of her money. “l want to tell the world that there are people you never imagined you will meet but they make you happy,” said Sarah. “l never lacked anything. Anything I asked for I was given. They never say no,” she added. Khalid and Salama further revealed they would also be attending Sarah’s wedding that is scheduled for January 2021.

Their kind gesture and warm send-off touched Internet users who flocked the comment section to congratulate Sarah and laud the couple for going out of their way to make Sara’s day extra special. Alleos Kaballeros wrote: This is so awesome. Especially with all the stories, we hear about African girls being mistreated in the Middle East. Khalid and Salama this is awesome. Thank you all for taking care of our sister.” Pamela Lagony wrote: “Am crying, am Ugandan and to see the love u guy gave Sara, is just amazing and much respect for u guys.”

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