End of Museveni and his tenure in Uganda

End of Museveni and his tenure in Uganda

NUP presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has spacked mixed reactions among Ugandans in the call for democracy saying that they want Museveni out of presidency within a year.

He Bobi Wine has attracted the support and attention from the international community especially the youths, where he assured them that its time for change and to give Uganda a second liberation. First one being the colony of Britons and second from Museveni dictatorship.

He declared he is ready to pay for it for the sake of Ugandans so that they get what they want and their entitlement.
Wine alleged that Museveni lost the elections saying that the election results figures that were shown in media outlets were all cooked.
Bobi Wine mentioned these after the police were ordered to vacate outside his premises with immediate effect citing it was unconstitutional.
Youths from neighbouring countries Zambia Kenya and Nigeria took to limelight ordering release of Robert Kyagulanyi with immediate effect.

On Tuesday, January 26, 2021 Bobi Wine took to the public to hold the bull by its horns, daring President Museveni to either step down peacefully or be ejected by all means for the sake of Ugandans.

While speaking on NTV Uganda, Bobi Wine asserted without wordy demand that Museveni has to be kicked out of office within one year.

“We want Museveni out of office in less than a year,” Angry Bobi Wine launched an attack.

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