Derek Chauvin is found guilty of murdering GeorgeFloyd

Derek Chauvin is found guilty of murdering GeorgeFloyd

#BlackLivesMatter finally George Floyd family are relieved after #DerekChauvin is convicted
Derek Chauvin is found guilty of murdering George Floyd

Eyewitness describes how George Floyd’s death changed his mindset as a Black father 

An eyewitness who testified in the trial of former Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin said that the death of George Floyd is a “trauma that I deal with on a regular, on a daily, on a nightly basis.”  

“I witnessed a murder, so … the best thing to do is to call the police on the police” last May as Chauvin placed his knee on Floyd’s neck, Donald Williams told CNN’s Sara Sidner. 

Williams said the experience prompted him to work harder to secure his family’s future. “It changed my mindset into a different frame. I was always a father. I’m always there. But what am I going to be able to leave my kids if an officer kills me next?” he said. 

Williams also said the defense’s questioning of him during the trial tried “to paint me as this angry Black man.”

“No, I’m not angry. It was my passion for me to speak up for [Floyd]. My passion. You can’t say my passion is anger. I was passionate for this man’s life. … And that is just who I am,” Williams said.

Chauvin should now face a harsh sentence, Williams said. 

“Put him in jail, throw away the key and make him an example like they would do with any Black man,” he said.  Source cnn news

YES!”: George Floyd‘s family and legal team react to the jury’s conviction of Derek Chauvin on all three counts

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