An OpED from concerned staff… where is KRA????Where is the government??


I work as at twiga stationers and printers (manufacturer of kasuku and crownbird ex book and other all stationery products)at changamwe rd.its unfortunate that our kra and nssf deductions are nt remited.

We are 400 workers and some of us have tried to b at nssf and kra many times for the matter but we r told they will sort out n now its 4yrs following but no answers but the same.Despite being on contract for over 10yrs we are underpaid and others are operators but paid as gl.

When we try to rais the issue we r suspendet for good without getting paid anything,when u get a job at the county they demand kra clearance of which u dont have meaning we r slaves in own country.We suspect that there is exchange of hands in collaboration with twiga owners at the top of kra officials with our boss who is charles(the owner of real career ltd who is contracted to twiga to outsource)i hope if this message reaches the top gov officials will b of great help kindly,Where is the govt????

Apart from this all,others that has been employed by now Twiga stationers have not been paid their services for the last 10 yrs that they have been working with the contractor real career ltd and now it’s 4 yrs since employment, kindly help us to get our rights

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