2 pastors caught having s3x with married women in the same room

Police in Malava, Kakamega County have arrested https://youtu.be/uL07ubecnK0 a middle-aged pastor, who was on Friday afternoon caught having sex with a neighbour’s wife.

The said-preacher was in the company of another pastor, who as well was in the act with another married woman in the same room in Imbiakalo Village in Malava. The two preachers are said to belong to Nazareth Winners’ Church in Kakamega

The second preacher escaped, when one of the women’s husbands caught them in the act. The ‘man of God’, who remained behind, further marched to Malava police post, where he is being detained.

The whereabouts of the two married women and the pastor still remain unclear.

One of the Husband’s saiys “The pastors were having sex with my wife and the spouse of my neighbour. One of the said-preachers managed to escape, whereas the other was arrested. It hurts me that I found them engaging in intimacy in my house. That is despicable and disrespectful,”

The incident angered residents, who called out the preachers for hypocrisy and wrecking the married women’s homes.

“These pastors are baffling us by the day. As an elder in Kakamega, we have never heard of such incidents before. Two pastors, two married women, in one room? That is pure disrespect!” an Imbiakalo elderly resident told K24

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